Stealth-mode web3 startup



Pitch Deck

Web3 Pitch Deck

Winning pitch deck for the Web3 Layer 2 fintech startup
Web3 Current Challenges

Imagine having a few VC meetings scheduled, and no decent materials to accompany the pitch. All you have is too large, too wordy, and not really impressive.

Build rapport
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Key Visuals

Craft a clear story

Data-driven, inspired by Web3 aesthetics

Content-heavy slides don't need to be boring.

Build the style

  • First we have the logo
  • Glassmorphic style and mesh gradients add depth and volume to the branded look&feel, and highlight that this Web3 will be limitless, immersive, and pervasive.
  • For our clients' target audience this style looks familiar, polished, comprehensive, not salesy - because we speak their language.
  • Dark mode - default and familiar for people in this industry.
  • Background - a smooth gradient seamlessly goes through the slides, supporting the fluid story flow.

Key visuals

Monstserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface, inspired by posters, signs and painted windows from the first half of the twentieth century. Urban geometry find it's way into the metaverse.

Vibrant gradient and smooth mesh shapes create consistency and illumination effect throughout the presentation.

Custom character illustration are embedded into the abstract background.