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Pitch Deck

Fintech Pitch Deck

A winning pitch deck for the banking platform

When designing for fintech companies, the primary challenge lies in simplifying complex financial concepts and technologies, making them accessible and appealing to a variety of stakeholders, which include investors, customers, and regulators. In crucial to accurately depict the intricate technical and financial details while maintaining an engaging narrative that captivates the target audience.

Development of an intuitive design concept.
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Key Visuals

Craft a clear story

The narrative evolves around being audacious, yet cautious.

Crafting a clear and compelling story was one of our main objectives in designing the pitch deck for our fintech client. With the fintech landscape rapidly evolving, it was imperative that we strike a balance between showcasing the company's bold, forward-thinking approach and the necessary prudence required in the financial sector.

We started by diving deep into the company's ethos, understanding their unique blend of daring innovation and calculated risk management. This formed the backbone of our narrative — a company that wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of technology while maintaining a firm grip on industry regulations and financial stability.

We designed the storyline to first highlight the groundbreaking products and services, emphasising the client's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of fintech. We detailed how their unique offerings provided solutions to current market gaps and how they were set to redefine industry standards.

Build the style

We have the logo

The most prominent shape in the logois the dynamic sharp triangle.It is the visual container of the brandidentification and can be used to buildthe style-forming elements.

Develop the brand visual language

By using the graphic rhymes, we cancreate the new visual components: morecomplex ones are shaped out of thesimpler forms.

For our clients’ target audience this style looks polished, comprehensive, disruptive and innovative, yet credible and confident.

Key visuals

When overlaid on each other, an uneven yellow gradient and transparency create a strong sense of space, complexity and dynamics.

We use axis symmetry to fill up large spaces with geometric  compositions, that will introduce brand identity on different communication media.

The entire color scheme is built both with urban and wildlife environments in mind, allowing various imagery types to fit into the brand narrative.

Make it reuseble

Each Prznt Perfect presentation kit comes with a template and source files for the visuals.

Often re-purposed for:

  • other presentations,
created by your employees
  • brand design assets
  • social media posts
  • website visuals
  • printed materials
  • swag