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Sales Presentation for the Medical Clinic

Benefits of Israeli telemedicine and more
Bridging diverse audiences within one pitch deck

In designing a sales presentation deck for Sapir Medical Clinic, a renowned Israeli medical facility specializing in precision diagnostics, effective therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation for an international clientele, the primary challenge lay in addressing a diverse audience. This audience included not only the clinic's existing clients but also potential partners such as CEOs and doctors from other medical institutions. The intricacies of articulating the clinic's cutting-edge medical services and its unique positioning in the healthcare industry needed to be balanced with the distinct informational needs and expectations of these varied stakeholders. The task was to craft a compelling narrative that simultaneously informs, persuades, and resonates with each segment of this diverse audience, ensuring the message of cooperation benefits and opportunities was clearly communicated and appealing to all.

Tailored engagement: data-driven PowerPoint pitch
To address the challenge of engaging a diverse audience in the sales deck presentation for Sapir Medical Clinic, a strategic, multi-faceted approach was adopted. This entailed an in-depth analysis of the audience segments – existing clients, and potential medical partners – to tailor the content to their specific interests and informational needs. The presentation was structured to first establish a common ground, emphasizing the universal values and benefits of advanced medical care. It then segmented into targeted sections, each designed to highlight specific aspects of Sapir Clinic's services that align with the interests of each audience group. The use of compelling visuals, clear data-driven insights, and persuasive narratives was employed to illustrate the clinic’s expertise in precise diagnostics and effective treatment. The aim was to create a narrative that not only informed but also inspired potential collaborations and demonstrated the tangible benefits of partnering with Sapir Clinic.
Key Visuals

The target audiences are clients of the Sapir clinic, CEO and doctors of other medical clinics. Sapir medical clinic is an Israeli medical clinic for foreigners that specializes in precise diagnostics, effective therapy, prophylaxis of all diseases and rehabilitation.

The goal of this presentation was to show cooperation benefits and opportunity for customers and partners.

Client — Sapir medical clinic, Israel

Tools: Keynote + Adobe Illustrator + Microsoft PowerPoint

Skillset: Presentation Design + Concept Design