Presentation for the ICO launch of the cryptocurrency startup


Key Visuals

First of all, we want to make people understand the potential and opportunity by understanding the idea.

We want them to understand that this is an anonymous solution they can use for anything (as long as the merchant have the solution for them as a payment option) for anything legal. Don’t want the slides to be multi-directional so people could understand they can buy legal stuff and stay anonymous.

Monochrome slides. Color scheme based on the logo colors.

Fonts: For the body font, we suggested Articulat CF — Swiss style typography, crisp, straightforward and pretty universal, yet not overused. As an accent/title font — Quantify (currently used for the titles) seems to work great: slightly futuristic and digital, supporting the metaphor of disruption / bridging the gap by its’ gaps in letters outlines (and nicely pairs with the Prive logo font).

As a key visual we considered a “digital keyhole” visual metaphor, covering a bunch of meanings:

  1. Prive coin opens new opportunities, binding crypto-economics with the old field of adult services.
  2. Addressing the adult services field by itself.
  3. Addressing the fear of revealing the identity.

Tools: Keynote + Adobe Illustrator + Microsoft PowerPoint

Skillset: Information Design + Infographics + Typography + Business Process Modelling + Presentation Design + Startup ConsultingBack