DESTO blockchain pitch deck


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DESTO blockchain content, pitch deck, and web strategy expertise

Tatiana is very sharp with details. Having knowledge from cybersecurity and being a prof in cybersecurity helped her to point out key information. Creative, sharp and calm are her coolest attributes besides being IQ of above smart.

Samuel Law, Founder, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian at Desto Blockchain, LLC.

DESTO is the architect for change on the pathway for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and cashless commerce for the new world of finance. DESTO's mission is to provide financial enfranchisement to the world's unbanked, by blazing a new trail of enterprising, accessible and inclusive payment pathways to anyone with mobile or smartphone access.

I was so lucky to have found Tatiana, and it is truly God send. We clocked well on ideas and she understood my passion for Desto Blockchain our mission for the people and fusing technology to practically help.We were writing on the white paper, and brainstorming on the conceptualization and looking for the main "calling" using blockchain to enrich people's life. Little by little, the goal of conceptualization via visuals makes sense and at the same time coincide with our core values. The white paper and pitch deck speaks by visuals. The concept of the visuals. You can say that our website to pitch deck and white paper are very unconventional from other ICOs. It is very artistically value, and has very deep meanings within the art. We have evolved to a long term collaboration from the story telling to actual cyber security engagement. Samuel Law, Founder, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian at Desto Blockchain, LLC.

Client — Desto

Tools: Adobe Illustrator + Microsoft PowerPoint

Skillset: Graphic Design + Content design + Concept Design + Visual Art & Story Telling + Content, Pitch Deck and Web Strategy expertise