Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck for the Cybersecurity Startup

Cybersecurity products are one of the toughest to pitch

The cybersecurity pitch deck must be tailored precisely to your target audience: it should be clear enough for them to grasp the core message and understand your approach, while also being sophisticated enough to showcase the extensive work done behind the scenes and the credibility of your cybersecurity team.

Pitch deck structure and consistency are the answer
Key Visuals

I have prepared recommendations for you on how to prepare professional content and do not confuse the listener. Read here: How to take your security pitch deck to the next level . And below you can see a sample of the design of such a pitch deck.

Often times it’s worth trying to own the “time frame” at the very beginning: when VCs start the conference call, they might state “we have only half an hour, please keep it short”, or smth like this. In this case the reply like “Ok, we have just 25 minutes, so let me start...” might help.

Our style preferences. Let’s keep the slides all white, pure white with a line as an accent on top or close to the top. Just the title and the founder slides can be dark but the other slides should be pure white. It should be very very business like. All graphics should be technical. Security industry and funding here in our area is extremely conservative. We need Venn diagrams and similar business charts for emphasis. Check marks and business flow charts are good.

These slides showcase the design created, but the content was replaced by the Lorem Ipsum text due to NDA.

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint + Adobe Illustrator
Skillset: Presentation Design + Information Design + Infographics + Typography + Business Process Modelling + Startup Consulting