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Video / Motion Design

Corporate film for SATCOM provider

Multi-purpose company video for Median Digital – ASEAN SATCOM provider from Malaysia
To showcase product sophistication in the company video within a tight timeframe

Median Digital is a leading ASEAN company specializing in SATCOM solutions, providing a comprehensive range of satellite infrastructures. They are a prominent satellite broadband infrastructure provider, leveraging affordable high-speed internet access to remote areas. For a mid-sized company launching a new product, a corporate video must achieve three key goals: a clear value proposition, broad appeal for customers, partners, and investors, and quick production.

A robust story arc as the cornerstone for strong visual storytelling

To make an effective video without just using stock footage, we focused on visually representing two main messages:

  1. The main issue with 5G is its capacity, not its speed.
  2. Rural areas are the most impacted.

After determining how to visually convey these ideas, we proceeded with the following steps: We wrote the final script, sourced footage that matched the story and the video's visual style, and incorporated visual effects. Additionally, We adapted and enhanced custom 3D models for our video, with a focus on detailed satellite representations and made custom 3D models (particularly the satellites) to emphasize the script.

Key Visuals

Key Visual Concepts

Low capacity is represented by pixelated and 'unloaded' areas, providing a clear and universally understandable visual cue for anyone familiar with internet usage.

This versatile approach was incorporated into multiple scenes, ensuring visual consistency throughout the video.

Typography plays a huge role here too: seamlessly embedded into the 3d space, it moves and lives along with the objects in the scene, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

We employ a well-proven technique of switching the camera from macro shots to large-scale views and back again to maintain narrative dynamics and guide the viewer's attention. Focusing on the individuals affected by the issues Median Digital addresses, specifically children in rural areas, helps us establish rapport with the viewer.

In crafting a video for a specific regional audience, we prioritized showcasing recognizable landmarks and cultural nuances of South-East Asia, ensuring relevance while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

So we're showing locations and brands recognizable to individuals in South-East Asia, prioritizing their lived experiences over those of Europeans and others.

Infographic shots seamlessly integrate all the numbers as part of the overall narrative.

Custom 3d motion graphics to showcase Median Digital satellites to be launched.

The satellite coverage they aim for is expansive, beginning with Malaysia and Indonesia but with the potential to span the globe, and they have a robust strategy and tactical plan in place. A mere stock video won't do for this narrative. So we're illustrating how Median Digital will introduce new regions to the 5G world in a bespoke manner.


3DSMax + Adobe AfterEffects + Adobe Illustrator


Motion Design: Ivan Nesterov

Voiceover: Jonathan Coleman

Art Direction: Tatiana Roshal

Create Direction and Script: Tatiana Stepanova


Work in Progress Sneak Peek

To develop a visual concept, we start with general techniques, references, and collages. We refine these at every subsequent step, leading to the final product where each visual complements the video's script and storyline.
This corporate film serves as a versatile and powerful brand asset. It clearly presents the company's mission, strategy, and key information. It's suitable for public broadcasts and can also be shown as a main presentation during meetings.