Presentation for the University course on Business Model Innovation


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Presentation for the University course on Business Model Innovation

The task I would ask you to consider is to refresh this presentation, using the style that you used and graphical approach you used with the Chinese presentation.
Keep in mind that this is indeed one of my main teaching assets, so I might be quite picky, we definitely need to factor in a two steps process, incorporating in the completion of the project a review of your work and some request for some rework.
Feel absolutely free to change the graphical style. I absolutely love your style and taste, so be creative!

Alberto Di Minin, Associate Professor of Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

The slide deck was made from the scratch for the “Business Model Innovation” course for the University professor of innovation management. The entire presentation was redone to bring the fresh and modern look and feel, and at the same time keep all the comprehensive background in place. The fonts used needed to be original, yet not too unusual, slides are made more tidy and organized.

Client — School of Advanced Studies Sant’Anna. Pisa, Italy

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint + Adobe Illustrator
Skillset: Information Design + Education Technology + Infographics + Typography + Business Process Modelling + Presentation Design + Inkscape + Business Studies PPT

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