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Academic Conference presentation for the lecture “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China”

Dear Tatiana, back to you! As I mentioned the presentation in Barcelona went great and we had received compliments also for the quality of the slides.

Alberto Di Minin, Associate Professor of Management at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Imagine I am delivering this presentation in front of a class of students. They need to understand, they need to remember when they look again my slides, they need however to be a bit entertained during the presentation as well.

Academic Conference presentation “Entrepreneurship and innovation in China” had to be designed from the scratch out of the several economic articles for a quite conservative audience. The client asked me to use my best judgment for the overall presentation style and avoid picture-only slides, go along with the bright and non-obvious visual metaphors.

Client — School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna. Pisa, Italy

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint + Adobe Illustrator

Skillset: Graphic Design + Typography + Information Design + Presentation Design + Infographics + Business Writing

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