When Is It Time to Outsource Your Presentation Design?

With PowerPoint as your platform, the biggest challenge is communicating your company proposition without fumbling with the tools or dampening its impact. An effective business pitch takes more than a collection of slides; it requires storytelling which involves both logic and emotion with the technical know-how of both design and application.

Many times, you as a marketer or founder, are wary of delegating the content work to a staff or a freelancer and understandably so. No freelancer is amazed by your ideas as much as you, right? (Tip: that's false, and I'll try to later explain why). So unless you’re not really fond of Powerpoint, you’d rather articulate the presentation by yourself.

But the thing is, your topic and your insights still need to be properly framed.

Present your idea

Framing is a literary technique that is used to position a story (your story) from a strategic perspective. A good example to explain this is through a job interview. An astute interviewer is able to frame his/her questions so that the interesting aspects of a candidate is revealed. On the other hand, a clever candidate could improve his hiring prospects by framing his/her answers in response to the job post. So, if you know how to frame your business pitch in concept, but if you don’t know how to execute it professionally using explanatory visuals or animation, your message will still suffer, as a result.

Now, if you or your marketing person or team have been doing all the presentation work for the past few months or years, that could also be a pitfall.You or your staff may have reached a stage of familiarity where you no longer able to see how other people (outside of your circle) can make sense of your data.

A fresh pair of eyes can shed light on how investors without any technical background can appreciate the engineering that goes into your product development, for instance. Someone who isn’t emotionally tied up to your traditional slides may be able to find a better story sequence for capturing your inter-generational audience.

And of course, there is the issue of time.Shall outsourcing the corporate presentation design free up time for you to grow your core business?

Can someone else complete the presentation in a faster more efficient way than doing it yourself or delegating internally?It is important for you to take all these factors into consideration when deciding whether to outsource your corporate presentation.

What are other factors you’d consider when outsourcing?

If you are exploring how you can best delegate your presentation design tasks for those high-value deals, I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on the topic.Better yet, let’s schedule a call so we can get you up and running!