A Complete List of Top Niche Agencies Offering Pitch Deck Assistance for Startups 2024

The importance of pitch decks in the startup ecosystem cannot be overstated. They are the bridge between your innovative ideas and the capital necessary to bring those ideas to life. Crafting a pitch deck that resonates requires a unique blend of storytelling prowess, design innovation, and strategic insight — qualities that specialized design agencies bring to the table. These agencies are masters at weaving your business narrative, financial projections, and unique value proposition into a compelling presentation that stands out to investors.

We've Created a Complete List of Agencies Providing Pitch Deck Assistance

Whether you're preparing for seed funding, eyeing a Series A-D round, or anywhere in between, this list is your gateway to finding an agency that can translate your vision into an investor magnet.

  1. 24Slides. Custom presentation design services focusing on affordability.
  2. BaseTemplates. Pitch deck templates and customization of those templates.
  3. Buffalo 7. Custom story-driven pitch decks. Location [headquarters]: Manchester, UK.
  4. DeckRooster. Broad spectrum pitch deck agency, operating within the healthcare, technology, and various innovative sectors.
  5. HealthInnovatePitch. Focuses on healthtech startups, showcasing medical innovations.
  6. HighSpark. Strategic storytelling and presentation design. Location [headquarters]: Singapore.
  7. MarketMoversDesign. Specializes in market analysis visualization for startups.
  8. PitchWorx. Custom videos and presentations for startups and corporations. Location [headquarters]: India.
  9. Prezlab. Focus: Middle East market.
  10. Prznt Perfect. Specializes in pitching complex concepts in cybersecurity, fintech and biotech, has subject matter experts in those industries. Focuses on Series A to D startups. Location [headquarters]: US, Casper.
  11. Slidebean. AI-powered pitch deck design services.
  12. SlidePeak. Broad range of services, though they offer rapid PowerPoint redesign within 12 hours.
  13. Stinson Design. Location [headquarters]: Canada.
  14. StoryPitchDecks. Focus on early-stage startups.
  15. The Presentation Designer. Location [headquarters]: UK.
  16. VentureVisuals. Specializes in visual storytelling for venture capital fundraising.

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